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Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey. Tropical Storm Imelda. The people of District 36 are resilient, but its no excuse for remaining idle. We've seen the toll that disaster takes on our infrastructure and our personal lives. That's why we need to have a federal response for recovery that is comprehensive and forward-looking.


We need to prepare for the future by coordinating with state and local authorities to improve emergency response, mitigate the effect of flooding, and provide funding for long-term rebuilding. A federal plan to manage disaster is necessary not only for the safety and welfare of our constituents, but for the economic future of our district.


I will fight to improve access to healthcare. In rural parts of District 36, access to emergency care is in a state of crisis. In some counties there are too few ambulances - overwhelming our emergency response professionals. Often, they have to transport patients to larger hospitals outside of the district. This is unacceptable. We need a plan that will direct federal money and grants to better fund healthcare providers in the district.

I will also support a tax financed healthcare system with comprehensive benefits for all. We need to improve our public healthcare by focusing on the people it will serve.

Economic Development

Our economic potential is yet to be realized - both as a nation and as a district. That's why we need to invest in our infrastructure. That means investing in improving our roads so that products can get to market and create revenue. We also need to improve our access to markets, both physically and digitally. Digitally, improved rural broadband Internet access will allow consumers to reach previously isolated producers.

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