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Rashad Lewis



My name is Rashad Lewis and I am running to represent the 36th Congressional District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives. I was born and raised in Jasper and have roots that run deep into our district. District 36 is my home. I’m raising my family here. That’s why I’m concerned about the future of our district. Our current leadership has neglected our district going so far as to vote against disaster relief after Tropical Storm Imelda struck us. Many of our neighbors in District 36 lost everything. This is unacceptable and it’s why I’m running for U.S. House.


As a council member of my city, I voted to keep taxes down and to use our taxpayer money to improve the quality of life of my neighbors. I was the youngest council member in Jasper history who against all odds won as a write-in candidate.  I’m the son of a pastor who grew up in the church playing the drums for our worship band. I work in the timber industry and know the hard work it takes to provide for your family. I believe in fiscal responsibility and will be a good steward of taxpayer money.


For a long time, both political parties have asked District 36 to sacrifice their interests for nothing in return. For a long time - for too long - the parties have asked District 36 representatives to shill for the state or national parties. In return, we’ve watched our towns wither and our populations dry up. We’ve watched our economies and education systems crumble. We’ve watched our children grow up without opportunities. It’s time for us to put constituent interests first. It’s time for our local political leadership to ask, “what can we do for District 36”. And then go do it. It’s time for our local political leadership to go to Washington, D.C. and bring money and projects and support back to District 36, to bring our economies back, to rebuild our schools, to revive our economies, to unleash District 36’s potential to be a powerhouse region.

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